Research Studies

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A new research study from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, shows hand forged surgical instruments are superior in performance and durability as compared to conventionally produced German and Asian instruments.

Hand forged surgical instruments superior in performance and durability as compared to conventionally produced German and Asian instruments »

Two excellent research studies conducted at Oulu University Hospital in Finland and the Ersta Hospital in Sweden were presented at the SEORNA (Swedish Operating Room Nurse Association) meeting in late 2012. The studies confirm the long-term value of quality instruments and the importance of access crevices which are critical for surgical instrument and patient safety.

Quality surgical instruments best investment »

Access to crevices critical for surgical instrument safety »

Year Codes STILLE instruments »

Poster presented at “Dagkirurgdagarna” in April 2013.

Life time of surgical instruments »

In the May 2013 edition of Stille Clinical Updates, a comparative study proves that the new Stille imagiQ2 table required 20% lower radiation exposure than its predecessor the Stille imagiQ at standard fluoroscopy settings.

STILLE Clinical Updates »