Surgical perfection at its best

Talking imagiQ2 and vascular surgery procedures with Dr. Raju Gandhi, one of the most distinguished surgeons in the world, as well as a true STILLE Ambassador.

Dr. Raju Gandhi is a vascular surgery doctor in Burlingame, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Mills-Peninsula Health Services and Sequoia Hospital. He received his medical degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine and has been in practice for 28 years. Dr. Gandhi has a private practice in Burlingame CA where they provide diagnostic evaluation and therapy for arterial and venous disorders and lower extremity endovascular. Performing 12- 15 cases per week.

What table features do you value the most and why?

The most important feature for me is having the best image quality possible and reduced scatter radiation because of the tabletop material. The table height range was also a key factor, I have the ability to get the patient closer to the C-arm and that also contributes to less scatter radiation while reducing magnification. You have a greater field of vision so you don’t have to take numerous X-ray shots.

What clinical benefits do you see with the imagiQ2 table for patient and staff?

Along with the scatter reduction, the float mobility of the tabletop is key. We have the  ability to scan all the way from the head to the toe on a patient well over 6 feet, we haven’t had any patients we were unable to scan head to toe without having to move the table. I don’t have to switch the table position for different procedures. My technician is having to move the C-arm much less and this protects the C-arm. The base never moves.

There are many other tables available on the market with less features and price point. How did you justify the investment in the imagiQ2 table?

I was familiar with the Stille brand because the hospital has Stille products and I received a good recommendation from a trusted source. The features of the table are well worth the extra investment. My staff loves the table because they never have to move the C-arm or the base of the table to get the full imaging capabilities, I’m doing it and I’m not having to tell them what I want to see. I have the ability to visualize what I want visualized without having to tell my staff what I want. This improves our OR efficiency.