C-arm angiography tables with low-dose technology

STILLE sets the new standards for fluoroscopy procedures with the main goal of enhancing efficiency in the OR while reducing radiation dose. STILLE C-arm tables offers two product portfolios: the imagiQ2 premium fluoroscopy table with TRUE FREE Floating capabilities and low-dose table top, enabling shorter procedure times and outstanding translucency which results in high image quality, and the Medstone line of c-arm angiography tables. The later offers a reliable solution for a valued price for various surgical applications. All of this backed by Swedish know-how that only STILLE has achieved for the last 177 years, all while working with the world’s best surgeons.

Intuitive user interface for the mobile hybrid OR

The high-end STILLE imagiQ2™ surgical imaging table, with a specially designed curved carbon fiber top, enhances image quality with up to 60% more translucency compared to most of the tables on the market. Thanks to its smooth curvature on the edges, artifacts are eliminated when taking oblique images.

The True Free Float™ technology of the The imagiQ2™ offers the physician total control over the procedure by allowing him to control not only the speed of the movement but also the type (no linear movements like joystick or motorized maneuvered tables). The imagiQ2™ is designed by prominent surgeons around the world and is a state-of-the-art c-arm complement for the Mobile Hybrid OR.


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