Comment by Chief Executive Officer

Stille will soon have 180 years of history as an innovator in the healthcare service. It is not possible to put a value on the significance our products have had for surgeons and their patients since Albert Stille founded the company in 1841. Since the beginning, Stille had manufactured and marketed premium quality operating instruments that facilitate the work of physicians and surgeons and made new types of surgeries possible.

Today we are also the market leader with the surgical table segment that is used together with the C-arm for cardiovascular surgery where we have established collaboration with, among others, GE Healthcare, Ziehm Imaging, Philips and Siemens Healthineers.

It is with pride, I lead Stille onward to future goals. In our work, we have to administer the knowledge built up by generations of fellow-workers and the good reputation the company has earned through constant new innovation, good customer service and stable returns to shareholders.

It is my hope that Stille will have another 180 years of success ahead. This will involve a continued focus on product leadership and innovations to meet the future needs of customers.

Hanna Ernestam Wilkman,
Chief Executive Officer