Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, M.D., FACS

Plastic Surgeon


Talking instruments and plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, one of the most distinguished plastic surgeons in the world, as well as a true STILLE Ambassador.

With his superlative training and international reputation, Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Teitelbaum is frequently called upon in his capacity as teacher and researcher. In this interview Dr. Teitelbaum talks about his experiences with the STILLE instruments that he uses as part of his practice.

What is it that makes STILLE instruments different?
I can open and close their needle holders hundreds and hundreds of times during a busy day and my hand doesn’t get tired or crampy. I also like to lightly grab the needle and roll it around from forehand to backhand and I like to change the angle of the needle, and their needle holder lets you precisely do it like none US. And you use the needle holder constantly. It is so worth it to have an awesome one. A face lift is a scissors operation and it’s just critical to have STILLE scissors to do a nice face lift dissection. They cut precisely and cleanly. They make one with such delicate handles that you can feel the tips of the scissors as they are cutting through the tissue. Comparing STILLE scissors to one of your competitors is like comparing first class to coach class on an airplane. The difference is huge.

How would you describe STILLE instruments to another surgeon?
If you think Lexus is as good as a Porsche then save your money and buy something else. But if you can appreciate the difference between those cars then you need to buy STILLE. When people talk about what’s better about a Porsche you can talk about engineering and performance and all these vague things but you really know it the second you get behind the wheel and you accelerate and you put it thru the first turn, and then right away you have that “aha” moment. So, the thing about STILLE is when you start using it you will have that kind of an “aha” moment. If you want beautiful control, something comfortable in your hand, then you use STILLE.

Do you think there are any benefits to the patient by using STILLE?
When you have a cleaner cutting scissor there’s less trauma, there’s less bruising, there’s less swelling. If you have pickups that allow you to grasp the tissue as securely as you can with minimum trauma to the tissue , then you are squeezing the edges less , your traumatizing them less, your DE vascularizing them less, your bruising them less, you’ll cause less postoperative pain. I guess I’m saying, yes, there is a difference. And when an artist or craftsman enjoys their tools, they do better.

How would you justify our price point in your budget or the hospital’s budget?
You have to ask yourself, how much more does it cost to outfit an entire surgical tray with key STILLE instruments? Let’s say it’s a couple of thousand dollars for something that you’ll have for the rest of your career. I mean it’s almost embarrassing not to consider it. Does it make a difference? Yes. It’s the best part of what this is, but as I said before, I love the analogy- if you think a Lexus is as good as Porsche then you don’t need to get this. Most of the instruments from even the good German companies work fine, sometimes they’re even very good, but never at the level of STILLE.