Stille and the Health Care Market

The global healthcare market in which Stille is active is in a stable period of growth. New surgical techniques and an increased average length of life are some of the factors that will affect healthcare and thus the prerequisites for our activities.

Our customers

Stille sales are directed toward several different customer groups. The most important among these are:

  • Hospitals. Sales to hospitals are the biggest source of our revenue and growth at Stille. Many of the elective, emergency and cardiovascular surgeries are performed in a hospital with the number of surgeries steadily increasing. Sales in Europe are often via public procurements.
  • Clinics. Independent clinics for such procedures as plastic surgery and orthopedics are common. Orthopedic clinics are often specialized for specific illnesses and the number of surgical procedures undertaken in independent clinics is increasing. Even aesthetic plastic surgery is a market experiencing strong growth.
  • Outpatient clinics such as Ambulatory Surgery Centers or Office Based Labs are healthcare facilities suitable for procedures that only require a short recovery period with little or no subsequent care in a hospital. Concurrently with technical development and new surgical techniques, e.g. minimally invasive procedures, more and more procedures can be performed by these types of outpatient clinics, and subsequently more patients can be treated at a lower cost. These types of medical facilities continue to increase in the healthcare market, particularly in the USA.

Stille’s most important geographic markets are the USA, the Nordic Region, the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Even Canada, Australia and Japan are strong markets that we will continue to focus on.

Our products are used here

Stille’s surgical instruments are primarily used in all surgical procedures. Surgeons expect the best. In terms of minimally invasive procedures, our imagiQ2 and Medstone are key products, used together with a C-arm for fluoroscopy during the operation.

The most important fields of application for Stille’s products are cardiovascular surgery and plastic surgery.

Today, cardiovascular diseases make up the most common cause of death in the world. As cardiovascular disease continues to grow with the worldwide aging population, an increase in both preventative and acute cardiovascular surgeries will also occur. Stille’s line of surgical instrumentation products and our expanded line of operating room tables solidifies the need for products of high quality and precision necessary in the cardiovascular surgery marketplace.

In addition, plastic surgery is another important surgical speciality, including both reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgeons have high demand for precision and quality instrumentation that Stille can provide.