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At Stille we do not compromise on our goals. Generations of Stille employees have strived for surgical perfection. The result is surgical instruments with unrivalled precision, that gives surgeons a unique feeling for their craft – and this is also why our C-arm tables are so easy to use, despite being among the most advanced tables in the world.


We strive for perfection in everything we do. To live up to your high expectations we strive for perfection in every step: a perfect production process, a perfect delivery and perfect service to you as our customer.


At Stille, there is an inherited passion for what we do. We develop and market many different products and they all have one common denominator: the purpose to simplify and add value, both for you as a surgeon and for your patients.


You and your patients can always rely on our products and on us as a company to fulfil our promises. Everyone at Stille are personally accountable for the quality of their work and part of our company culture is that we are honest and open, both when communication internally, and with you, our customer.


For us being exposed to the radiation year after year, the total dose is significant. Even with the protection we wear today, we want to minimize radiation as much as possible

Dr. Peter Goverde, M.D.

Senior Endovascular & Vascular surgeon

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What's important to me in instruments - balance and handling!

Dr. Anthony Macquillan, MBBS, MD, FRCS

Plastic Surgeon

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For the surgeon with higher standards

Operating with a pair of Stille scissors will give you a fantastic experience of precision and control. Imagine scissors that not only cut precisely as intended, but also provides tactical feedback that tells you hands and fingers precisely how much pressure and which angle that is appropriate for the result you desire.

Stille scissors have been developed and refined over generations, always in close cooperation with distinguished surgeons. The materials and manufacturing methods are thoroughly evaluated to provide a perfect result, every time.

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A better view of your work – with imagiQ2

imagiQ2 is the operating table you won’t see on your screen. Using imagiQ2 you can experience incredible C-arm image quality, even at a lower radiation setting. The reason is that imagiQ2 is 60 percent more translucent than other tables and that it allows the C-arm receptor to be placed closer to the patient.

imagiQ2 also come with True Free Float® technology that enables very swift and intuitive positioning and movement of the patient. The result is operating time that are cut with up to 40 minutes.

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