Instrument Repair & Maintenance

Sending your surgical instruments to Stille’s instrument service department is a simple way of ensuring that the instruments can be used for the maximum length of time while retaining maximum precision and functionality.

Our instrument makers have several hundred years’ aggregate experience of instrument manufacturing and maintenance behind them, and will perform a comprehensive inspection of your instruments. For example, surgical scissors are completely disassembled in order to allow them to be sharpened correctly. The screw and angle of the cutting edge are also adjusted—which is particularly important to obtain an effective and clean cut. The life span of an instrument is increased considerably if it is serviced at the right time, and this is particularly true for cutting instruments.

Stille Service returns your instruments to a condition which is as close to new as possible. We take pride in the longevity and durability of our instruments, and consequently aim to make as few interventions as possible to cutting edges in order to allow the instrument to be sharpened in the future.