Instrument Inspection

Make sure that your instruments are safe to use and in good condition in order to ensure maximum durability.

As a manufacturer of surgical instruments, Stille is committed to help minimize the risk of an instrument failing during surgery, considering the serious potential consequences for patient safety. We offer our expertise in support through our Instrument inspections, which take place at the hospital, either in a surgery department or in the sterilization department.

The inspection focuses on identifying instruments that may be hazardous for use—those with cracks or corrosion—and instruments which are in need of repair and maintenance. Examples of the latter may be scissors that don’t cut properly, needle holders with worn jaws and clamps with jaws that don’t close correctly.

From our end, one of our tenured and experienced instrument makers personally inspects around 1,000 instruments daily, resulting in our recommendation those instruments that should be discarded or repaired in the relevant instrument sets.

The inspection also complements your hospital’s quality assurance process. If you require assistance with a professional inspection of your instruments, please contact us and we will schedule an inspection at a time convenient for you. We are aware that hospitals have individual needs and would be pleased to discuss a tailored solution.

To book an instrument inspection, contact the relevant sales person.