Medstone3 PM

The STILLE Medstone3 PM C-arm tables represent a valuable solution for different applications such as Pain Management as well as other procedures that require less table movements. The PM C-arm tables are similar to other high-end tables, but with the Swedish quality and reliability that only STILLE can offer.

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Ease of use

Motorized movements together with auto horizontal and center home positioning

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Image quality

Carbon fiber table top with 1mm Aluminium Equivalence and metal free imaging 147 cm / 58”

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High performance construction

Patient weight capacity 227 kg / 500lbs (weight upgrade options available)

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Medstone PM standard table top (contoured with facial cut out for prone patient positioning) with optional arm board 505-1112.

Adjustable arm board 514-50-3SR025, requires detachable side rail

Easy to use tables for increased efficiency

STILLE Medstone PM are tables that are easy to use, enabling improved efficiency and shorter procedure time in the OR. Intuitive controls are used for easy motorized positioning of the patient and moving the tabletop. Image quality and clarity is maintained throughout the procedure, thanks to completely vibration-free movements. The different Medstone PM tables offer a variety of horizontal movements, rotation and tilt. All models offer excellent quality and durability at an affordable price.

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