ERCP / Abdominal fluoroscopy

Stille operating tables for ERCP are easy to use, vibration-free and developed for best possible image quality during fluoroscopy.

Position the patient using intuitive controls that provides the best possible prerequisites for a successful procedure. Stille tables can be adjusted in height and using lateral and longitudinal travel. In addition, there is the option of both Trendelenburg and lateral tilt. Medstone tables for ERCP and gastroenterology have motorized positioning as well as an extra wide table top for patients with larger body habitus to provide additional safety and comfort. Medstone3 ERCP can be adjusted in vertical height, lateral and longitudinal travel. Medstone5 ERCP also offers lateral and Trendelenburg tilt. imagiQ2 with True Free Float® technology offers unrestricted positioning. All our tables are developed for high and stable image quality even during table movement. imagiQ2 is best in class with extremely high translucency and the possibility to place the C-arm receptor close to the patient for optimal image quality and reduced radiation exposure. By adding optional accessories, you can customize your operating table for an optimal fit with the procedures it will be used for.

Which model of C-arm table do you need?

STILLE helps you choose the model according to your needs. Just select your application of interest and the number of movements in the model calculator below and we will provide you with alternatives among all STILLE product portfolio.

Ambassador´s Choice

Ambassador´s Choice

The imagiQ2 is intuitive. You can move it much quicker than with another system. We developed the endovascular procedures and we are doing about 50% more in 6 months time than before

Dr. Mikhaël Kassab, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon


Stille – innovative operating tables for fluoroscopy

Our tables are developed in cooperation with distinguished surgeons and their teams to provide solutions that simplify their work and enable new operating methods. As with all Stille products, our tables are designed and produced with high precision and for excellent durability. See what other surgeons have to say!

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