Artery Forceps

STILLE artery forceps are manufactured in optimum-grade surgical stainless steel and with the surgeon’s specific needs in focus. They are always easy to open and the catch keeps them locked in a safe position.

The artery forceps have a unique and graceful design featuring soft shapes, always with the surgeon’s specific needs in mind. The open box lock simplifies cleaning and minimizes the risk of the surgeon’s gloves or sutures becoming entangled in the instrument. The design of the special ratchet is unique and always keeps the forceps closed in a secure position. At the same time the ratchet is very easy and convenient to open, giving the user full control. The jaws have rounded edges and fit perfectly together. There is no risk of losing grip. The instrument closes and opens quickly and smoothly with a simple operation.

STILLE artery forceps have a softer feel with performance properties that no other brand can offer. The unsurpassed longevity makes these instruments a good investment that will be in service for many years.

Ambassador´s Choice

What's important to me in instruments - balance and handling!

Dr. Anthony Macquillan, MBBS, MD, FRCS

Plastic Surgeon


Ambassador´s Choice

Experience the true "aha" effect, STILLE instruments are just so much more precise and perfect.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, M.D., FACS

Plastic Surgeon


Unique fingertip control and life expectancy.

STILLE instruments are known to be light and graceful and to function perfectly during procedures requiring extreme precision. The instruments become a natural extension of the surgeon’s hand – and the result is always perfect.

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