Micro Forceps Titanium

Micro forceps made by a high quality titanium alloy made with the same dedication to details as our stainless steel micro.

Our titanium line of micro forceps consists of forceps with tying platform, ring tips and DeBakey jaws. All models except for DeBakey are coated with Diamond Jaws for extended durability. Titanium offers light weight, corrosion resistance and no magnetic disturbance.

Ambassador´s Choice

What's important to me in instruments - balance and handling!

Dr. Anthony Macquillan, MBBS, MD, FRCS

Plastic Surgeon


Ambassador´s Choice

Experience the true "aha" effect, STILLE instruments are just so much more precise and perfect.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, M.D., FACS

Plastic Surgeon


Unique fingertip control and life expectancy.

STILLE instruments are known to be light and graceful and to function perfectly during procedures requiring extreme precision. The instruments become a natural extension of the surgeon’s hand – and the result is always perfect.

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