Corporate Governance

Stille’s corporate governance is based on Swedish legislation and follows the Swedish code for corporate governance. Corporate governance shall ensure that Stille is run in a sustainable, responsible and effective manner.

Corporate governance should be designed to fit the Group’s activities and needs in order to contribute to the success and profitability in business. Good corporate governance implies a clear division of responsibilities and clarity toward shareholders and the market as well as effective management and control of the Group’s operations in order to make sure it adheres to goals, legislation and regulations.

The purpose of the code for corporate governance is to maintain the trust that existing and future investors as well as other actors on the financial market have in Stille. The code helps the owners as far as both direct and indirect control are concerned and constitutes a part of corporate self-regulation. Stille adheres to the principle of “follow or explain” which involves our reporting underlying causes and reasoning in cases where Stille has deviated from the rules of the code.