About Stille

Stille today is the result of almost 180 years of innovation in service of the health industry, dating all the way back to when Albert Stille founded the company in 1841. Since the beginning, we have manufactured and sold surgical instruments of premium quality, that simplifies the work for physicians and surgeons and has made new surgical procedures possible.

We are the market leader within the fluoroscopy table segment, tables that are used with a C-arm during minimally invasive surgical procedures. We have established partnerships with GE Healthcare, Ziehm Imaging, Philips and Siemens Healthineers.

Our vision and values

Stille’s vision is to provide products and solutions that enable perfect surgical procedures: Surgical Perfection. For Life.

We strive to provide products and solutions for safer and more cost-efficient surgical procedures. Through close collaboration with surgeons and their teams we are in a continuous learning process to understand which problems and challenges you face and which solutions you would value the most. High quality standards signify both our product development and manufacturing.

In everything we do, our core values remain our guiding stars:

We strive for perfection in everything we do. To live up to your high expectations we strive for perfection in every step: a perfect production process, a perfect delivery and perfect service to you as our customer.

At Stille, there is an inherited passion for what we do. We develop and market many different products and they all have one common denominator: their purpose is to simplify and add vale, both for you as a surgeon and for your patients.

You and your patients can always rely on our products and on us as a company to fulfil our promises. Everyone at Stille are personally accountable for the quality of their work and part of our company culture is that we are honest and open, both when communication internally, and with you, our customer.

Our core values are the foundation for Stille’s company culture, leadership and success.