Privacy Policy


Stille AB, with Swedish commercial registration number 556249–4848, (hereinafter “Stille, “we”, “us” or “our”) wants to ensure that the personal data you provide is handled in a safe and secure manner.  

When you place orders with us, visit our website or communicate with us via e-mail, for example, you will submit personal information to us. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains what personal data about you that Stille collects and processes.

We collect, process and store your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the EU 2016/679 regulation (“General Data Protection Regulation”) and in applicable Swedish national legislation and regulations. This Privacy Policy will be continuously updated to comply with the applicable legislation. The latest version of this Privacy Policy is available at www.stille.se (“Website”).


When you place an order with us, we may amongst others save your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, payment history, payment information and purchase information. We need your personal data to be able to fulfil our obligations under the purchase agreement we enter into with you. For more details about the purpose of the processing of personal data, please see further down in this Privacy Policy.

In addition to the above, we also collect, process and store the following data when you use our Website.

  1. Technical data regarding devices you use and settings, e.g. language setting, browser settings, time zone, operating system, screen resolution and platform.
  2. User-generated data (e.g., clicks and visiting history)
  3. IP address


Stille is the controller for the processing of the personal data provided by you through the purchase agreement or which you have provided to us when you, for example, have visited our Website or when you have communicated with us. Stille will primarily use your personal data to fulfil its obligations according to the purchase agreement and to be able to contact you as a result of this. The table below describes how we process personal data and for what purposes. The right column indicates the legal basis for this processing. The legal basis also explains why it is necessary to process the personal data.



Purpose for processing personal data

Reason for processing personal data (legal basis)


To manage user accounts, including determining the user identity, to grant permission for log-in and to preserve correct contact information.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you.


To manage deliveries to you via the carrier chosen by you and to be able to contact you with regards to your order.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you.


To manage payments. This may include analysing possible payment solutions, which require checking against payment history and obtaining credit references.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you. Stille’s legitimate interest in ascertaining the customer’s ability to pay and what payment options Stille can offer.


To send messages to you and to communicate with you within the framework of the purchases and transactions you have made. This includes, for example, customer service issues, complaints and customer support matters.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you.


To record and manage payment information and the payment history.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you. Stille’s legitimate interest in keeping payment history information.


To communicate with you regarding information relating to updates or modifications of this Privacy Policy and other general terms and conditions.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you. To satisfy our legitimate interest in ensuring that you receive accurate information regarding our business.


To prepare supporting documents to improve our IT systems for the sake of the safety of Stille and its customers and visitors to our Website. To protect and improve Stille’s IT environment against attacks and intrusions.


To satisfy our legitimate interest in evaluating, developing and improving available purchasing features and our Website. To comply with any legal obligations. In all other cases, to satisfy our legitimate interest in being able to prevent misuse of the Website or to guard against, prevent and investigate crimes directed against us or our customers, or to be able to defend legal interests.


Customer analyses, business development, user surveys and internal operations (such as testing, analyses, statistics and troubleshooting)

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you and to satisfy our legitimate interests in order to improve and develop our business.


Commercial and marketing purposes (e.g., newsletters and information about Stille’s product and service offers via text messages, e-mail, social media or other electronic channels).  The content may be based on analyses of data that we have collected in various ways, e.g. by sorting customers into different customer segments.

To fulfil our contractual obligations towards you in cases where you have signed up to, for example, receive newsletters. To satisfy our legitimate interest in marketing our business and to send relevant information about special offers regarding our products and services to old and new customers as well as other contacts.


To comply with current legislation (including the prevention of money laundering and other potentially unlawful activities)

To comply with applicable legislation and other legitimate interests.

Data related to items i) – x) may be subject to automated processing.


In certain cases, Stille will base its processing of personal data on your consent. In these cases, Stille has asked you to agree to the processing of personal data by giving your explicit consent.

You may at any given time revoke such consent. Stille will then no longer process your personal data or collect new data. Please note that revoking your consent may lead to us being unable to fulfil the obligations we have agreed to in relation to you, and that Stille for legal reasons may be required to save your personal data.


We will only store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations with you or, in the event that Stille has a legitimate interest in processing of the personal data as stated above, for as long as such legitimate interest remains. If legislation requires that personal data is stored (for example for the purpose of accounting, money laundering, etc.), it will be kept for as long as required by such legislation.


Stille may use a third party as a processor for processing personal data. The processor will not share your personal data or use it in any other way than what you have agreed to in this Privacy Policy.

In addition, your personal data may be transferred to our IT suppliers for, amongst others, to operate and support our IT systems. The personal data will not be used for purposes that are incompatible with the purposes for which they were originally collected and as explained in this Privacy Policy.

Where appropriate, we may share your personal data with recipients acting independently of Stille and you. Your personal data may thus be disclosed to the following recipients:




Legal basis

Authorities (e.g. the Police or Tax Authority)

To provide information as required by legislation or government decisions.

Legal obligation


To provide the necessary information in connection with litigation.

Justified interest to establish, assert and

defend legal claims.

Potential buyers and sellers of our business

Sales or mergers of businesses

Justified interest


Stille will always strive to process your personal data inside the EU/EEA. However, personal data processed in the IT systems that we use to fulfill our agreement with you or used for dispatching newsletters may be shared with IT providers outside the EU/EEA.


Stille intends to remain open and transparent on how we process your personal data. If you want to gain access to the processing of personal data we undertake in relation to you, you have the right to request access to your data. You can request an excerpt that shows what personal information we hold about you.

If we receive a request from you for such access, we may ask for additional information to identify the data you want to see and to ensure that we disclose this data to the right person. We will respond to your request for such access without undue delay and within one month. You are entitled to receive this data at no cost once a year.

Right to correction
You are always entitled to request that your personal data should be corrected if the information is incorrect. Within the scope of the stated purpose, you also have the right to supplement any incomplete personal data.

Right to deletion
You have the right to request deletion of your personal data that we process, if:

  • The data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed,
  • You object to a balancing of interests with regards to the legitimate interest that we have made, and there is no legitimate interest to us that outweighs this objection,
  • You object to data processing for direct marketing purposes,
  • The personal data has not been processed in compliance with current legislation, or
  • The personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject.

However, despite your request for deletion of personal data, we shall maintain the right to continue this processing and not comply with your request if such processing is necessary:

  • To comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject, or
  • To be able to ascertain, enforce or defend legal claims.

Right to restriction

You have the right to request that our processing of your personal data be restricted. This restriction may involve that your personal data may only be processed for certain purposes or that only certain personal data may be processed.

Right to objection against certain types of processing

Balancing of interests for legitimate reasons

You have the possibility to object against processing of your personal data based on so-called balancing of interests. In such cases, we will stop the processing if we are unable to demonstrate a compelling legitimate reason for the processing in question that outweighs your interests, rights or freedoms. Otherwise, we may only process the data to ascertain, exercise, or defend legal claims


The Website contains cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device (e.g. a computer, mobile phone or tablet) which allows us to recognise your browser by way of local storage. Cookies contain no directly identifiable information about individuals (such as name, address, telephone number, etc.), but only information about the browser used and the activity that has taken place through the browser. As an example, local storage of data may include user settings, information about surf patterns, what browser you use, which ads have been shown to you and similar behaviour on the web pages we cooperate with. Such information may be used to personalise content and features in order to personalise visits to the Website for the user.

In the browser settings, you can usually find a list of all cookies stored to give you an overview and, if you wish, delete unwanted cookies. Here, you can normally also specify whether you want to accept the storage of cookies from web pages you visit, from third parties connected to the web pages and, in some cases, whether you want to be alerted every time a new cookie is stored.

If you choose to disable cookies, this may prevent the Website from operating in the intended manner. For example, you may need to log in every time you visit the Website, and you will be able to get random ads instead of ads that are relevant to you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, or if you have other questions regarding this Privacy Policy. Please enter “Personal data processing” in the subject line or as a heading.

Our CEO is the responsible person for this policy and compliance of the same. The contact person at Stille AB is Heléne Sjöström Tamm, who can be reached at +46 730 333 838 or helene.sjostrom@stille.se. You can also contact Stille AB at order@stille.se

If you have any complaints or questions, you can also contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen or Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten).

Doc no. FAI16-005P-EN