Stille’s products are known for their high and uniform quality. We are proud to be able to give a 30-year guarantee on surgical instruments. Consequently, quality work is something that permeates our working-day.

Stille utilises a business system that has been established and certified according to quality standard ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices. Our ISO 13485 certification covers everything from design and manufacture to sales and service.

All employees in the work follow the routines and rules prescribed in our business system. A focus on quality is also a central part in our code of conduct.

We also follow the EU Directive for medical devices [Medical Devices Directive (MDD)]. MDD will be replaced by a new EU Directive: Medical Device Regulation (MDR). We are currently carrying out the final updates of our management system to also meet the requirements in MDR. This is done together with our notified body Intertek.