Dr. Mikhaël Kassab, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon


STILLE Ambassador Dr Mikhaël Kassab

Vascular surgeon Dr. Mikhaël Kassab works at the Polyclinic de Poitiers (Elsan – French Health Group) France, he is using the STILLE imagiQ2 with the goal to enhance vascular workflow, improve image quality and reduce radiation exposure. He has combined a Philips Veradius Unity Mobile C-arm with a Stille ImagiQ2 surgical imaging table. According to Dr Kassab, these technologies have helped increase vascular throughput by almost 50% in six months.

The Stille ImagiQ2 surgical table meets Dr Kassab’s needs. The ImagiQ2 is built on a unique curved carbon fiber table top design that offers significantly reduced radiation attenuation with outstanding translucency, allowing X-ray to pass through with excellent transparency, which enables the user to manage dose levels for patients and clinicians without compromising image quality. Freedom of movement with True Free Float®, gives Dr. Kassab the ability to move the table laterally, longitudinally, diagonally and in any desired direction (no linear movements) with just the touch of a button to adapt much better to the vascular anatomy. “This gives the operator the freedom to easily move the table in all directions and to maintain the C-arm at its place throughout the procedure,” says Dr. Kassab. ImagiQ2’s ultra-slim design and super-low base enhances access, allows the Veradius Unity C-arm to be easily moved under it into critical positions.

Managing dose levels effectively during vascular interventions is a key priority. “Two of the most important elements of any procedure are radiation dose and outcome,” insists Dr. Kassab. Regarding radiation exposure, Dr Kassab says: “you don’t have to radiate much because you can control and manage all the technical aspects of the procedure. In my opinion, this is as important for the operators as for the patients.”