Dr. Peter Goverde, M.D.

Senior Endovascular & Vascular surgeon


STILLE GLOBAL Ambassador Peter Goverde, MD.

Dr. Peter Goverde, MD, is STILLE’s Global Ambassador and works as senior vascular surgeon at ZNA Vascular Clinic in Antwerp – Belgium. He is specialized in arterial & endovascular procedures and dedicated to ameliorate interventions, techniques and material. He is also inventor of the CERAB technique. Dr Goverde is part of STILLE’s advisory board and contributes with his knowledge to the development of STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Goverde has been using the STILLE imagiQ surgical imaging table at the vascular department at ZNA Vascular Clinic in Antwerp – Belgium. After started using the second generation imagiQ2 surgical imaging table, he noticed the advantages of using a low-dose enabler with what he calls “the best float in the world”. Dr. Goverde explains about the benefits of having the imagiQ2 in his OR, and the importance of raising awareness about radiation protection not only for the patient but for the surgeons and OR staff that are daily exposed to small but continuous doses of radiation through their daily work.

The True Free Float technology of the imagiQ2 , which is the longest float published on the market, gives him total freedom of movement and control, which helps him reduce procedure time and enhance efficiency in his procedures.

Dr. Peter Goverde represents an important site reference in Europe as he is dedicated to provide surgeons with advice on technologies, improve endovascular techniques and reduce radiation exposure.

Watch the entire testimonial from Dr. Peter Goverde below: