Our Responsibility

As a supplier of medical devices, we have a responsibility where the patient’s life and well-being are at stake. This is a very good reason to focus on high and consistent product quality. We also consider the working conditions for the operating team. Stille’s surgical instruments are designed for excellent ergonomics and high precision. These features have made them popular with many of the world’s leading surgeons from a variety of disciplines.

Our operating and procedure tables, especially imagiQ2, offer exceptional translucency, enabling the use of a much lower radiation dose for the same image quality. Limiting the radiation dose that the operating team is subjected to daily is a great long-term benefit.

We also recognize that we have a responsibility for the impact our operations have on the climate and the environment. We strive to use less energy in our manufacturing operations and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions generated by transports.

When it comes to social responsibility, we rely on our discrimination policy and code of conduct to provide guidelines for what we expect from each other. We strive to maintain an open and honest company culture both internally and in contacts with customers, partners and authorities.

We shall reach our goal of surgical perfection, secure our quality objectives and assure quality and responsibility by:

  • Focusing on collaboration with surgeons, concentrating on selected medical procedures, to develop and market solutions that contribute to increased patient safety and surgical perfection.
  • Constantly develop and optimize our organization, processes and coworkers’ competence, guided by our core values.
  • Always taking responsibility for the work we do and actively work according to our code of conduct.
  • Actively work according to our environmental policy and by creating conditions for a sustainable development.
  • Following the laws and regulations in the markets where we operate and thereby contributing to increased patient safety and surgical perfection.