Why Invest in Stille?

There are good opportunities for Stille to develop supported by underlying market trends. Our focus on quality and innovation in a market segment with stable growth creates good opportunities for a stable and long-term return for our shareholders.

Quality that creates demand

Stille’s surgical instruments maintain world-leading quality. High-quality instruments and good ergonomics provide the precision necessary for surgeons during minor and very difficult surgeries.

Our imagiQ2 operating table reduces operation time by up to 40 minutes for each procedure. This gives increased efficiency and a higher level of utilization of specialists, premises and other operating equipment. Good ergonomics and reduced exposure to radiation during fluoroscopy make our operating tables an attractive choice for physicians, surgeons and surgical personnel.

Innovations that create value

Product leadership has been Stille’s business idea since 1841. Through close contacts and dialogue with physicians, surgeons and surgical personnel we are able to identify where there is potential for solutions with Stille’s existing and future products, with the goal of improving the overall outcomes in the OR. That will lead to an improvement in the overall quality of treatment and contribute to an improved work environment for the staff.

Many of Stille’s products have been the first of their kind and have addressed very real and concrete problems. Regardless of whether it is a surgical instrument, that make all existing and new surgical procedures possible or operating tables that reduce operating room procedure times, Stille contributes to better quality and improved utilization of resources in hospitals worldwide. This has made us the market-leader within the surgical table market used in conjunction with a Imaging C-arm during most surgeries.

Focus on the market segment in long-term growth

Stille operates in a market that is experiencing growth where we are focusing on surgical disciplines with long-term and sustainable growth. Our focus will be on solutions for cardiovascular surgery, a field where growth is driven, among other things, by the fact that more people are living longer and an increased need for preventive procedures.

More information about the size of the market and its expected development can be found under Stille and the Health Care Market.