Stille was founded back in 1841 by Albert Stille. Sustainability and durability have come to be a part of our corporate culture. We have been attaching great importance to ethical behavior and having respect for people and the environment for a long time.

Social sustainability

Stille supports and respects the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights and the global goals in Agenda 2030 as this can be applied in our operations. We are working actively to provide all employees with a safe work environment and to avert and prevent accidents and repetitive strain injuries.

The aim of our equal opportunities work is to eliminate all forms of discrimination or unfair treatment based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or belief system, disability, sexual orientation or age. We are working for equal opportunities for all.

We attach great importance to our employees acting with great integrity and not just follow applicable laws, but also act ethically and be open with facts and stick to the truth, both internally and in communication with customers and official representatives. In so doing, we want to contribute to a better social climate in all markets in which we are active.

Environmental and climate impact

We strive to minimize the impact on the climate and the environment that arises as a result of our activities. Among other things, this pertains to the use of environmentally harmful chemicals, transport and our energy consumption. Regarding to employees, company cars should be chosen with a view to environmental friendliness, fuel consumption and emissions.

We also attach great importance to the fact that it should be possible to use the products we manufacture for a long time. This reduces the consumption of raw materials with the same energy utilization and carbon emission generated in everything from prospecting and extraction to enrichment, processing and transports. The same thing applies to energy consumption in our own manufacturing processes. By providing products with long sustainability, the proportion of carbon dioxide emissions per operation for our instruments and operating tables is reduced. Our high product quality allows us to provide a 30-year guarantee for all our instruments. Over time, our impact on the climate is less thanks to our focus on quality.