Bone Cutters & Rongeurs

Double-action bone rongeurs allow the surgeon to gently and smoothly cut bone with one hand. STILLE invented this double-action solution as early as 1872 and since then, both our bone cutters and rongeurs have been widely imitated.

Stille was first to launch the double-action bone rongeur in 1872 and still manufactures the world’s finest rongeurs and bone cutters. The advantage with double-action instruments is that the surgeon is able to gently cut into bone tissue with a single hand. When cutting into bone with maximum leverage, double-action rongeurs increase the force applied to the cutting surface many times over.
Stille’s bone cutters do not use riveted joints, but are assembled using a precision screw. When it is time to sharpen the cutting surfaces the instrument can easily be taken apart and reassembled to ensure the optimal service.

Ambassador's Choice

What's important to me in instruments - balance and handling!

Dr. Anthony Macquillan, MBBS, MD, FRCS

Plastic Surgeon


Ambassador's Choice

Experience the true "aha" effect, STILLE instruments are just so much more precise and perfect.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, M.D., FACS

Plastic Surgeon


Unique fingertip control and life expectancy.

STILLE instruments are known to be light and graceful and to function perfectly during procedures requiring extreme precision. The instruments become a natural extension of the surgeon’s hand – and the result is always perfect.

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