Dr. Mark L. Jewell, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon


Talking instruments and plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Mark Jewell, one of the most distinguished surgeons in the world, as well as a true STILLE Ambassador.

Dr. Mark Jewell is a recognized world leader in plastic surgery with offices and a medical spa located in Eugene, Oregon. In this interview Dr. Jewell talks about his experiences with the STILLE instruments that he uses as part of his practice and long career.

Dr. Jewell, what do you appreciate most by using STILLE instruments?
I use, and have for over 30 years used the STILLE needle holders, SuperCut scissors and forceps. I still have STILLE needle holders that date back from the 1970’s and they are performing just as well as the new recent ones I purchased. It is a great treat to use the instruments and to experience how they enable me to perfect the craft of the surgery versus dealing with nondependable instruments. I just love the durability and feel of the STILLE instruments.

How would you describe STILLE to another Surgeon?
STILLE stands for impeccable quality, they’re dependable and the durability is just outstanding. I know the feel of a STILLE instrument,when it is in my hand. My patients deserve the best and STILLE is the natural instrument choice which enables me to perform at my best. It is essential to use instruments that have light and nice feel. I feel confident that they will cut, sew and grasp tissue just as I want it to during a surgical procedure. STILLE offers me this security.

Do you think it is possible to link patient benefits and surgical outcome to the instruments?
I definitely believe so. In my experience, STILLE enables precision and finesse during a complex operation. I believe that STILLE’s instruments adds clinical benefits versus other instruments on the market. STILLE instruments just work every time, there is no second guessing on their quality or dependability. When I see my STILLE SuperCut scissors I know I can depend on them to deliver quality and perfection every time. There is a nice element of security when using the STILLE brand. They always work.

How do you justify the investment in a STILLE instrument set?
It is easy to justify the investment as there is a tremendous value of using STILLE instruments. Standard-grade instruments are not dependable and they have a very short life cycle. STILLE instruments have a very long life cycle due to the care that the Swedish instrument makers add to the manufacturing process. With STILLE, there’s no break in period, they instruments are ready to use from the start. STILLE has wonderful repair and sharpening services to ensure long-term performance in its instruments The STILLE instruments are like a fine Swiss time pieces, just like the Rolex or Patek Philippe which you handover to the next generation to use.