STILLE imagiQ2: Setting new low-dose standards in the OR

Designed with perfection for image guided endovascular procedures, with pricing, safety and features optimized for both in- and outpatient settings. The imagiQ2TM surgical imaging table is optimized for advanced mobile Hybrid OR procedures as well as more conventional office based  endovascular repair.

Developing the low-dose technology

The STILLE imagiQ2 surgical imaging table represents an important advance in developing the low-dose technology field, making the OR an even safer place, for patients and for the entire surgical team.

The imagiQ2 is built on a new and unique carbon fiber table top design* that offers sgnificantly reduced radiation attenuation. The polymer structure allows X-ray to pass through with unbeatable transparency which enables reduced dose levels and increased safety for patients and clinicians without compromising image quality.

Choose a low-dose enabler

The unique high-performance carbon fiber table top*, provides unbeatable transparency of 0.4 mm Al equivalency. That is at least 60% more translucency than the average imaging table top translucency on the market (published aluminum attenuation for table tops on the market). This enables the C-arm to reduce the radiation dose without compromising image quality.

More efficient and shorter procedure times

The True Free Float® technology* of the STILLE imagiQ2 gives you unprecedented control and freedom of movement in any desired direction while providing state- of-the-art smoothness like an extension of the surgeon’s hand, allowing for shorter procedure times and higher efficiency in the OR.

Optimizing C-arm capabilities

With its ultra-slim design and super-low base, the imagiQ2 enhances C-arm access, making it the ideal C-arm complement for the mobile Hybrid OR or office suite. Furthermore, the low dose table top of the Stille imagiQ2 contributes to avoiding C-arm overheating.

Continuous image focus

The patented technology of the iso-roll cradling motion (±15°) helps maintain image focus even while in full lateral roll, minimizing patient and C-arm repositioning. It has been proved that this feature helps reducing considerably the scattered radiation when used for acquiring images  instead of moving the C-arm.

*Patent pending


Feature Description
Patient weight 496 lbs / 225 kg and 661 lbs / 300 kg (with load upgrade pack)
Table top length & width L= 90.5” / 230 cm & W= 21.6” / 55 cm
Translucent length 77,17″ / 196 cm with headrest (66,6″ / 169,2 cm without headrest)
Translucent Table top Proprietary, patent pending Carbon Fiber structure. Al 0,4 mm
Float lock STILLE True Free Float® & STILLE Quick Lock System
Float (longitudinal, lateral, diagonal) 35,4″ x 9,9 ” x 36.8″/ 90 cm x 25 cm x 93,4 cm
Operation conditions 100% continuous
AC power: 100-250 Volts Direct AC power + battery DC power
Length, Width, Height L= 92″ / 234 cm, W= 30.3″ / 77.2 cm, H= 28″-43″ / 71 cm-109 cm
Trendelenburg; Lateral roll (Iso-Roll) ±25 °; ±15 °
Wheels and steering 4 swiveling wheels
Side rails Fixed along 2/3 of the table top
Detachable table top Yes, future-proof platform for extended use and easy transportation
Transport handle Yes (Color: Dark grey for 225-kg version, silver for 300-kg version)
Upgrade features Description
Mobility enhancement pack When the table is used for frequent intra-clinic transportation, use the mobility enhancement pack for improved mobility.An additional fifth wheel is included to provide optimal mobility.Ref: 535-1711
Load upgrade pack Maximize the capabilities of the imagiQ2 with increased patient weight capacity up to 661 lb / 300 kg.Ref: 535-1710
Performance pack For maximum uptime, choose the performance pack. It includes a high-performance long-term battery pack with up to 1 week of durability.Ref: 535-1712
Accessories highlights Description
Fistula arm board Provides an unobstructed image and is connected directly to the carbon fiber top.
Catheter tray Provides an extended work space, which is attached directly to the table. Available in three lengths.
Adjustable arm board Nontranslucent board provides ideal support for the patient’s arm during IV.
Scattered radiation protection Table mounted protection shields against scattered radiation with leadrubber (0.5 Pb) material.
Foot control Foot control that runs up/down, lateral roll & trendelenburg
Adjustable procedure headrest Fully translucent, adjustable headrest ensures easy intubation and superior carotid visualization. It fits at the free end of the table and is side rail mounted.

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New surgical table provides up to 20% reduction in C-arm radiation exposure

A comparative study performed to verify the new imagiQ2 low-dose table top from Stille has shown that the new device produces 20% lower radiation exposure than the previous model, imagiQ. The analysis was conducted at the Shoreline Surgical Associates Clinic, Middletown, USA,
a clinic managed by vascular surgeon Joseph Coatti.

Read full article on the Vascular News homepage 

STILLE imagiQ2: Endovascular repair meets surgical perfection.


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